PTA Needs Your Help! 

It is that time of the year again when the PTA is looking for next year's volunteers to step up (or point us in another's direction) and help continue helping make Echo Lake great. We need help filling the following…


Treasurer: (training next year for the following 2 years) If you have any experience in bookkeeping or accounting, this job will be a breeze. If you are willing to step up and jump in, the job it totally doable just a bit harder. Our wonderful Michael had zero experience and figured it out. So some experience is awesome but not necessary. You can put the experience on a resume for future bookkeeping jobs. 

Vice President: Get the feel for the PTA with this smaller role. You work in concert with next year's lovely President (current VP) Heather Seagars. The following year you get to jump in as President.

Parent Drama Producer:  Next year is our amazing Shauna’s last year at Echo Lake, so if your child has a passion for drama, we would love 2 people to take over the role that Shauna did alone. She has it all organized and laid out. Next year you could shadow her and learn the ropes. We want to continue having drama at Echo Lake and we can’t without this role. 

Science Night: After next year we will also be losing our two Science Night gurus. Tyan and Beckie’s kids will be moving on to Einstein. The experienced Brian Shirts stepped up as lead, but he needs a co-chair to help with the event. This too is organized completely with exactly how to do it and when. One nice thing is that getting the presenters can be done via email during the summer. The list is made, it is just a matter of confirming availability and dates. No recreating the wheel here.  

Spirit Wear: We need someone to help figure out new Echo Lake spirit gear next year! Have an idea that you think would be cool? Come help make it happen.  This job is a great one for over the summer and then just a bit in the fall and then it’s done.  

Web Master: Organizing and putting info on the PTA website. This is an easy one to do from home. Anyone these days who has basic computer skills can easily learn how to use our website system. You just log in and it's very simple, like filling out forms online. 

Other: If you have a passion and want to get involved, while roles might technically be filled, the more the merrier. Or stepping up gives others a chance to try new things and change positions. Or two people make for 1. More fun and 2. Easier job for everyone.  

Some of the chairs are:  

Fundraising, socials, family services (WORKS/food drive), legislative, reflections, volunteer coordinators, membership, staff appreciation.

Any help is amazing and needed!


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