In February, Shoreline School District PTA members will be heading to Olympia to talk with our representatives about Washington State PTA's (WSPTA's) Top 5 Legislative Priorities. 

Time and again legislators have said how personal stories make the difference in creating and passing effective legislation that truly serves students and families.

 We will be talking with them about these priorities for the coming year:

  • Social Emotional Learning: Integrating social emotional learning and trauma informed practices in the education system.
  • School Construction: Assist districts with funding their capital needs to lower class sizes and address capacity, growth, modernization, and safety.
  • Prevent Gun Violence: Through prohibiting the sale of semi-automatic rifles to ages over 21, raising standards for semi-automatic rifle purchases, requiring safe storage, and other measures.
  • Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage: Funding of recruitment scholarship programs, expansion of board approved conditional certificates and alternative routes to certification, and expansion of BEST grants to all schools.
  • Strategic K-12 Investments to Close Opportunity Gaps: Close special education funding gaps, expand high poverty learning assistance, include high mobility students in allocations, and other funding support to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed. 

As we go to talk with our legislators on your behalf, what experiences would you like us to share with them to help them understand how legislative decisions regarding education are affecting your students, family, and/or community? 

Please send your thoughts and experiences to so we can share them with our legislators in February and be a voice for your children.